Australia Site Specific Private Frequency

$945.00 ex GST

ACMA Private Frequency Licensing

The Radio Communication Frequency spectrum is a finite resource which we rely on in the Radio Communications Sector to be managed efficiently and wisely. The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)  is the Federal Governing Body that has this responsibility. The ACMA have designated the necessary policies, procedures and band plans for the assignments of frequencies within Australia.

Frequencies and Licensing

It is a Federal offence to transmit on any frequency without a license except for the UHF CB frequencies. All frequencies within each band are required to have licenses except the UHF CB, as these are designated for Public use.

Digital Radios

Digital radios are NOT legal for use on the UHF CB frequencies. These frequencies are for the exclusive use of Analogue radios only.

License Applications – How to get a license.

Radio Industries Australia can apply to the ACMA for you which truncates the time taken by an application direct to ACMA by the public. This application/ approval time is dropped considerably from about 6 Weeks to about 6 Days. The application cost is $688 and a frequency costs between $195 and $295 per year for a single Simplex frequency (Radio to Radio). There are many other options so please ask one of our representatives regarding your requirements on 1300 266 682.


An Australian site-specific frequency is for use when radios are in constant use at a single location for more than 4 weeks at a time.

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