Press-To-Talk Over Cellular

Wide Area Two-Way Radio

What Is PTT/PoC?

Wide Area Push-to-talk over cellular solutions merge the user-friendliness of two-way radio functionality with value added features such as:

  • Wi-Fi

  • Bluetooth

  • Single Call

  • Group Call

  • GPS Tracking

  • Text Messaging

  • Voice Recording

  • SOS Emergency Button

  • Live On-Screen Tracking

  • Customized Despatch Console

  • Cross Carrier Roaming (National and International)

The technology uses any cellular phone network or WiFi network on the data side, which allows users to communicate by voice instantly through a dedicated Server such as Ozitel Networks. An App can be run on an Android/iOS phone but preferably these systems utilize the latest hardware that look and feel like Two-Way Radios, however, some of them can be hardened commercial mobile phone type devices all with PTT buttons.

A majority of industry and Government may choose a gentle migration from land-mobile-radio to PTT via an interoperable bridging system which joins the two technologies together.
Consolidating all these features into a single device achieves utmost efficiency for dollar conscious businesses. Further savings are achieved by no longer requiring dedicated base station tower repeaters with expensive licensed frequencies.