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Wide area PTT Radios


  • Bravo Heavy Duty Headset

    From $394.90 Inc GST
  • Peltor ComTac XPI Headset

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  • PELTOR™ WS™ ALERT™ XPI Headset

    $610.39 Inc GST
  • Peltor SportTac Headset

    $328.90 Inc GST
  • Peltor Worktunes Pro Headset

    $185.90 Inc GST

Motorola, Hytera, Kenwood, & Delta Two-Way Radios

  • FREECOM Clip Full Duplex, Multi-User, Hands-Free Intercom

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  • GME XRS-660 UHF CB Radio with TFT Display, GPS, & Bluetooth

    $603.90 Inc GST
  • Hytera BP562 DMR Portable Radio

    From $687.50 Inc GST
  • Entel HT649P2 Marine GMDSS MED Certified Two-way Radio

    $1,207.80 Inc GST
  • Entel DTEx 9 Series ATEX II Two-Way Radio

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  • Delta Black USB Intelligent Charger 10 Port 60W

    $199.10 Inc GST
  • Non-OEM Motorola PMNN4544 Battery: DP2000/DP4000 Series

    From $141.90 Inc GST
  • Bravo Radio Headset Cable with PTT

    From $104.50 Inc GST
  • Bravo Headset Carry Case

    $68.20 Inc GST
  • Sale!

    Bravo Heavy Duty Acoustic Tube Earpiece

    From $43.95 Inc GST
  • FREECOM Clip Full Duplex, Multi-User, Hands-Free Intercom

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  • GME XRS-660 UHF CB Radio with TFT Display, GPS, & Bluetooth

    $603.90 Inc GST
  • 3M PELTOR ComTac VIII Ultimate Tactical Communication

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  • Peltor Hygiene Kit HY68 for ComTac

    $27.49 Inc GST
  • Hytera HM652 Professional DMR Mobile Two-way Radio

    From $962.50 Inc GST

Introducing “Ozitel Networks”

Two-Way radios haven’t changed, right? Think again… With new technologies such as Press-To-Talk, Radio Industries are breaking through the boundaries of Two-Way radio.

Push-To-Talk Over Cellular 4G/5G Radios (PTT/POC)

PTT is the latest advancement in Wide Area 2-Way Radio Systems, enabling communications with more users in a clear and secure manner. PTT offers Instant Australia Wide coverage using Multi Network 4G/5G/LTE Sims. Using Australia’s 3 major networks, PTT allows you to talk to one person or an entire Group of Users instantly. PTT offers interoperability across borders and technologies, keeping you in touch over wide areas without the need for expensive repeater systems. With included features such as GPS, you can track all devices keeping in touch with your team in real-time resolving management hassles and streamlining operations.


Australia Wide/Global Coverage


GPS & Real-time tracking


Utilises Multi Network SIMs


Fully Encrypted Transmissions


Excellent audio quality


Android/iOS* operating system


SOS Alert Feature


Instantly Communicate With Groups and Users

*iOS Coming Soon

  • TELOX M6 PTT Mobile Radio by Delta

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  • Motorola Wave PTX Press-To-Talk

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  • Ozitel Networks Wide Area Press-To-Talk

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  • Telo M5 PTT Mobile Radio

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  • Motorola LEX L11 PTT Radio

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