Peltor LiteTalk Communicator Two Way Radio

About The Peltor LiteTalk Communicator Two Way Radio

The LiteTalk™ Group Communicator is an RF wireless technology device specifically designed for business applications in a broad and varied spread of industrial and commercial environments. Incorporating advanced core RF technology, the hand-held LiteTalk Group Communicator has a robust, compact design and delivers clear and effective team communications.

The unit may be worn from the shoulder or used in combination with a range of cost-effective earpieces for enhanced privacy. The LiteTalk Group Communicator interfaces seamlessly via a standard 3M™ Peltor™ connector or Flex interface cable to a wide range of 3M Peltor advanced noise attenuating communications headsets and in-ear hearing protection solutions.

Operating in the license-free ISM 433MHz band these lightweight group communicators provide mission-critical, IP55 certified ingress protection and are ruggedised to meet the requirements of the most demanding industrial applications.

The LiteTalk Group Communicator can also operate directly with 3M Peltor LiteCom™ Plus UHF Wireless Headset.

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Legacy radio systems can be linked together easily with optional LiteTalk Group Communicator gateway cables to suit the most popular 2-Way Radio systems. Smart design and advanced power management systems ensure the LiteTalk Group Communicator is lightweight, compact and has the capacity to operate for long periods – as much as 16 hours.

LiteTalk Group Communicators are ideal for Hospitality Coordination Groups, Evacuation Management Teams, Site Health & Safety Management Networks, Vehicle flow coordinators or any team-based application where effective wireless communications are vital to the efficiency and safe operation of the work environment. Site security teams and other non-noise impacted functions can work seamlessly with operational teams to manage emergency coordination, process management and other critical communications requirements.

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UHF 433MHz

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Radio Industries is one of Australia’s longest-running Two Way Radio Communications Companies, operating since 1985. We are Dealers and Distributors of Quality Digital & Analogue Two-Way Radio Systems, and Hearing Protection Equipment.

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“Good experience. Product arrived in 2 days, sent express and completely as advertised. Called at one stage about shipping and they were easy to deal with. Happy with the product quality. Would recommend as easy to speak to someone if you have any questions. Great that they request your radio type too to make sure you’re buying the right connection. Thanks guys!”
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Regards, and again, thank you for your help.”

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“Jim and Jacob sorted our order efficiently and quickly. We had our radios here and ready to use 5 days after payment was made. Very impressed with the professionalism of both employees and they really helped us out because we were looking for units that were in high demand and low in stock.”
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Far Can I Get?

Two-Way Radios work on line of sight.

What Channels Can I Use?

CB or Private frequency.

Which Radio Is Best?

There is no definitive answer as there are too many radios to choose from, they work on different systems, contact us for a quote.

Do I Need A Private Frequency?

If you are using your radios on a crane then a private frequency is required in order to comply with OH&S.

If you will be using radios for safety reasons then a private frequency is recommended in order to prevent unnecessary outside interference that can easily be caused with standard UHF CB radios.

What is the difference between a Two-Way Radio, Walkie Talkie and Handy Talkie

Nothing, they all refer to the same piece of equipment however a Two-Way Radio is the preferred terminology in industry. Walkie Talkies and Handy Talkies often refer to toys or recreational two-way radios.

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