Motorola NNTN8296 Wireless Bluetooth Covert Kit

$190.50 ex GST

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The Motorola NNTN8296 – is a high quality wireless Bluetooth Covert Kit.

For surveillance operations, the unique Mission Critical Wireless Bluetooth Covert kit provides the accessory option undercover personnel need when in the field. This covert kit includes two sets of two-wire earbud headphones (one black and one white), a single-wire black earbud headphone and an industry unique 3.5mm adapter that allows the worker to plug in any consumer off-the-shelf headphones. A wireless push-to-talk pod must be ordered separately to power the earpieces. Having these options available gives the worker the opportunity to match the right discreet accessory to their surveillance needs for that day.

Suits Motorola DP4000 Series.

The Motorola NNTN8296 surveillance Kit.

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