Delta Jacket Bracket Maxi

$63.59 ex GST

Jacket Bracket™ is pressure moulded from Duracon VC-11 antistatic copolymer. Backplate is in accordance with AS/NZS 60079.1. Jacket Bracket™ has now been re-designed to be suitable for a much wider range of applications. The bracket features high powered Neodymium Rare Earth magnets totally encapsulated in the moulded Duracon body making the Maxi capable to support a 2kg device.

Jacket Bracket – Attachment Point Technology

  • Jacketbracket is now lighter, stronger and more cost-effective.
  • For use with Intrinsically safe devices.
  • Bracket moulded from Duracon VC- 11 anti-static.
  • If your device has a clip, Jacketbracket will provide the anchor point.
  • Attached in seconds to any P.P.E garment, or steel surface of machinery.

Weight: Maxi: 197g
Holding capacity: Maxi: 2 kg Maximum loading (release point)

How Jacket Bracket™ works

A unique magnetic attachment system provides an attachment point capable of mounting units up to 2kg on the Maxi unit. Non-penetrating, the Jacket Bracket™ can be mounted to any garment, removed and relocated within seconds.

The Jacket Bracket™ consists of two pieces, the Jacket Bracket™ and a backplate.

This bracket assembly has 4 high powered magnets. Your garment is ‘sandwiched’ between the magnets and the backplate. Correct alignment between the magnet discs and corresponding points on the backplate ensure the Jacket Bracket™ is securely attached to your garment.

Particularly valuable in high danger, high noise environments where having both hands free is critical. Jacket Bracket ensures that essential safety equipment is close at hand right where it needs to be. Two-way radios, gas detectors, man down switches and many other devices are securely attached to your person – ensuring your safety. The result – you work confidently and safely. This unit is very good for attaching to a dashbooard of a Machine to hold your portable radio safely.

  • Traffic Control
  • Civil works
  • Construction Bobcat and Heavy machinery operators
  • Road maintenance
  • Railway
  • Mining
  • Emergency services
  • Military

The Benefits to you?

  • Both hands free at all times
  • Secure attachment – no lanyards or cloth tabs
  • OH&S issues are minimised
  • Your OH&S issues are minimised
  • Essential safety devices close at hand – always
  • Easily removed and repositioned
  • Two way radios easily heard
  • Australian designed and made

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