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$169.95 $149.95
Introducing the latest in UHF Communication from the world leaders in wireless communication. The UH515-2 (Twin Pack) is in a new smart and rugged proof...

$299.95 $229.95
Uniden is paving the way in UHF radio communication with its new UH750 UHF Waterproof CB handheld radio with 80 channels. The UH750 UHF CB handheld radio...
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Introducing the latest in UHF models from Uniden. The UH810S-2TP is an 80 Channel 1 Watt Handheld Tradies Pack built for rugged Australian and New Zealand...
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$3,294.00 $2,965.00

Delta DS-400 Waterproof UHF Digital Radios 6 Pack

INCLUDES: 6x Radios, 6x Batteries, 6x Antennas, 6x Single Unit Chargers

In stock

You can afford to enhance your communications with the digital performance ofeVerge DMR two-way radios. eVerge radios are precision-engineered to deliver...
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$799.00 $765.00
Conversion Made Easy with Analogue Integration eVerge™ digital radios operate in both analogue and digital modes and can be used with any existing...
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Motorola non-genuine DP3400/3600 2100mAh nickle-metal hydride battery
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$100.00 $59.00
Uniden UH35-2 Twin Pack 0.5 Watt Handheld CB Radios
In stock

$349.95 $249.00
introducing Australia's first UHF & VHF handheld radio ideal for land and marine communications.
In stock

- Built in two-way radio communication  - 69 Channels (LPD 433 MHz) - 121 subchannels - Level dependent function for ambient listening -...
In stock

$1,596.00 $1,436.40

Delta AS300 Waterproof UHF Radio 4 Pack
Includes: 4x Radios, 4x Batteries, 4x Antennas, 4x Single Unit Chargers & 4x Audio Accessories (optional)

In stock

$2,394.00 $2,154.00

Delta AS300 Waterproof Radio 6 Pack.


6x Radios, 6x Antennas, 6x Batteries, 6x Belt Clips, 6x Single Unit Chargers

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